Becky Rea, ASID

Becky Rea, ASID, is the Founder and Owner of Fritz & Lloyd Interiors and has over 15 years of experience in high-end residential interior design. Becky has worked on projects across the nation, specifically in the greater Chicago area and Lincoln, NE. She has taught upper level interior design studio courses at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture, her alma mater. In addition to being NCIDQ certified, Becky has served two terms as the Director of Professional Development for the Nebraska/Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and helped with many committees. In her personal life, Becky is an active member of the community and enjoys spending time with her husband, Elliot, and her twin daughters, Emily and Gina.


Fritz & Lloyd Interiors owes its name to Becky’s grandfathers: Alfred "Fritz” Kiekow and Lloyd Stork. With careers as a commercial construction foreman and a homebuilder respectively, both grandfathers inspired Becky’s focus on craftsmanship and technical design. Becky is proud to honor the memory of these talented individuals as she embarks on this journey.